My Healing Journey

My healing journey started when I tried to access help for the unexplained and chronic pain that was occurring in different areas of my body these symptoms included neck stiffness, constant inflamation in my neck and shoulders that got worse when I was feeling stressed or anxious, I also had a constant burning sensation radiating up and down throughout the nerves surrounding my spinal column, and my physiotherapist who was also a Reikki practitioner explained to me that I had a very unusual twist along the entire left side of my body which caused me to have pain when standing or sitting for any length of time, the only relief I experienced with it was by constantly shifting to take pressure off my coccyx along with more unexplained swelling and pains in my wrists (Caused by the inflamation in my neck and shoulders) and ankles.

Over several years I had attended my doctor, a Chiropractor and a Physiotherapist but apart from prescriptions for strong anti Inflamatory tablets and pain killers no one could help me to identify or cure these problems.  I ended up having to give up a lot of my hobbies including golf, step aerobic, aqua aerobics and even Tennis which left me frustrated, miserable, angry and feeling very sorry for myself.   I was getting more and more down and frustrated over the constant pain and discomfort I was in.

After years of following the conventional medical means and experiencing little relief and certainly no cure in desperation I begrudgingly tried what I believed to be ‘New Age’ i.e Holistic Treatments.  However I was very surprised to find there was an ocean of therapies out there that I had never heard of before.  I was also surprised to find that many what I had considered ‘Airy Fairy’ therapists were in most cases highly trained and holding many professional qualifications.  I was also very impressed at how the time they took to do my initial client consultation and how they took time to really listen to how I experienced my pain and more importantly to how I was feeling emotionally about my pain.   Out of the choice of a sea of therapies I felt strongly drawn to the IET healing modality which is healing with the energy of the 9 Healing Angels, and after my first treatment I was left with a sense of peace and relief.  I had a strong insight that the angels would keep me safe from the many fears I held in life.

A large part of my healing was identifying, healing and releasing these learned fears.   With a lot of initial mistrust and disbelief I challenged the Angels to heal my body and slowly but surely I began to notice the pains easing and my intuition growing as I realised they wanted me to be a co-healer in my own healing journey.  So Following my intuition and angelic guidance I was led on a spiritual journey of self healing and transformation which showed me how my emotional pain and crippling fears were at the root cause of all my physical pain.

The healing I was given was a Spiritual Healing in every way which I now know is the only true and lasting healing.  Having undergone a powerful Spiritual Transformation and through this journey of ‘Awakening’ to who I really was my physical body slowly began to recover.  The journey was far from easy and I had to release a lot of emotional pain before my body rewarded me with the complete physical healing I enjoy today.

I had handed over the role of responsibility for my own health and happiness to outside forces and my recovery began as I changed from a victim mentality to becoming the creator of my own experience.  My  journey into wellness forced me to see myself in a more compassionate and loving light.  I started this journey with no proof that any of it would work but I listened carefully to my soul’s guidance and knew I would have to have trust, patience and faith in my divine creator and my healing angels to receive the rewards I now have.

Healing is taking personal responsibility for our thoughts and deeds and using them in more positive loving ways for ourselves and the others in our lives.  Many healing therapies will work temporarily but for permanent healing we must change our relationship with ourselves, God and the others in our lives.  We must become responsible for our own happiness, learn to forgive ourselves and others and silence the Inner Critic in our mind.  This is the beginning of Self Love the recipe for true spiritual healing!

If you are ready to take responsiblity for your journey to health and happiness I will be more than delighted to help you on your journey towards wellness.

Lisa Smith-Everett