Our thoughts affect our Energy

Our Thoughts affect our Energy every thought we think a negative thought it has a reaction in your body it can either energize your Chakra’s or decrease your life force energy e.g Every time you think a negative thought the following occurs:

  • Brain: Negative thoughts cause the electricity of the brain to change.

  • Meridian: Due to the change of the brain electricity, the meridian energy changes.

  • Organ: The organs connected with the meridian are not properly nourished with vital energy and disease develops.

  • Chakra: The astral energy feedback changes in the chakra due to the bad thought. This thought has less vitality as it is out of the cosmic tune. A block in the chakra occurs.

  • Aura: Negative thinking drains away the energy of the aura. The colors become dull and the auric protection shield weaker. Negativity from the outside can pour in.

  • Law of Resonance: When negative thoughts are radiated to the environment, all thoughts on that morphogenetic field will be attracted. The negativity becomes stronger and happens more often.

    Negative thoughts are against the Godly plan of loving. Negative life experiences will be attracted to us so we feel life never gives us a break.  We attract to ourselves the energy of the thought patterns we are extending out into the universe.  Positive thoughts – Positive experiences Negative thoughts – Negative experiences.  However we are the creator of each of our thoughts not the victim we can choose at any time to change our experience through changing our ways of thinking.   

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