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Clinical Hypnotherapist & Bio Energy HealerSpiritual Angelic Healer/Counsellor Lisa Smith-Everett offers Advanced Healing Treatments from Health Therapies Clinic, Gladstone St, Waterford.  Lisa has undertaken extensive study and training into both the causes, prevention and healing of Depression, illness, Stress, Pain and disease.

Lisa began her healing journey trying to access help for the worsening physical and emotional pains she had experienced for several years. Having no prior knowledge of holistic healing before then she sought mainstream medical help including attending her doctor who sent her to specialists for tests, scans and xrays none of which showed any medical reasons for the constant throbbing pain she was experiencing in many areas of the body including her neck, shoulders, spine and tail bone areas which also caused sciatic pain down her legs and feet.  A keen Golfer and Tennis player she had to give up these sports as it became too painful to play causing further low moods.

Treatments with Osteopaths and physiotherapists made little difference to the constant throbbing pain, while nervous of ‘alternative’ healing due to negative press out of desperation and trying to get her life back to how it used to be she felt she had no other option but to see if they might make a difference however was clueless as to what treatments might help?

After putting her fears aside she attending a local Mind, Body Spirit event and meeting therapists of all modalities the one she was being drawn to was IET Angel Healing.  Following the first healing session the panic attacks she had been experiencing practically disappeared and a huge weight felt like it had been lifted she was so impressed that she signed up straight away for the 3 day IET Practitioner training as these are days where powerful self healing takes place.  Having been given tools to help herself the healing journey had started but it was to be a few years of focused self healing before she made the connection that to release the physical ‘aches’ she first needed to release long held emotions. The penny finally dropped that Angelic spiritual healing was working where nothing else had and seeing and feeling recovery take place led to a strong desire to help others heal in the same way.

Following angelic guidance the healing route chosen started out with training to IET Master Healer level so others could also be helped through this gentle loving healing modality, further Angelic guidance led to training in Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapy in the University of Limerick with the IHA,  continuing her desire to learn more about energy and healing she was personally trained in Plexus Bio-Energy by the founder Micheal O’ Doherty (Healer to The Lord of the Dance – Micheal Flatley).  Following the 1 years training and gaining her Diploma she was invited by Micheal to work with him and the Plexus Bio-Energy team in their clinic in Fermoy Co. Cork.

Her next stage of training included Touch for Health 1 2 and 3 tutored by Plexus Co. Founder Tom Griffen (Hidden Mind Programme).  Tom agreed to join Lisa at her clinic Dove Healing Cottage to hold monthly Special Need Correction weekends with her clients carrying out his investigation protocols while Lisa documented all of his findings along with the clients feedback about how they experienced the treatment and follow up on the healing’s that occured.

Through these many sessions she gained a greater awareness of how the intelligence of the human body responds instantly to  words, sounds, colour frequencies, scents, and specially chosen crystals as each contains unique information that the subconscious mind recognises. These healing ‘tools’ help in the deleting of negative cell memories, thought forms and the correcting of deep energetic blockages.  This intuitive knowledge has given her a deeper awareness of how the body/mind can hold onto illness and disease until its individual needs are met with the correct healing ‘Tools’.

Lisa holds Diploma level qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology CIBTAC, ITEC, Clinical Hypotherapy member of the IHA, European higher Diploma in Plexus Bio-Energy, Complementary Therapies including Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Touch for health Levels 1 2 and 3 and IET Master Healer and facilitator of the monthly 3 day IET modality Practitioner Training .  Working and gaining experience using this wide range of healing therapies has enabled her to teach Health & wellness classes along with offering advanced holistic healing treatments for almost 10 years.  There are no words to describe the joy felt to be a part of the life changing results clients experience.  Empathy, compassion and kindness are powerful healing energies of their own and when present in a healing session allow a client to relax and become the leading player in their own healing process.

“There have been many times over the years when I’ve questioned the angels on why I had to follow a certain line of training especially when there were high costs associated with the training but my guides have told me time and again that I need to trust them that the money would be provided for this and over the past 10 years they’ve led me to many different healing modalities and asked me to  combine these therapies in a way that would make for a more powerful healing for the client, and so each of my healing sessions incorporates Health & Wellness Counselling along with Spiritual & Angelic Healing.

I recommend a minimum of 3 healing sessions initially to clear heavy blocked energies affecting a persons health and to start the bodies healing processes, this ideally should be followed up with a session every 3 months as a general MOT for keeping the client in continued good health.  For client’s who just wish to remain in good health or experience a beautiful sense of relaxation and peace 1 full healing session is probably sufficient.   Remember we are usually very good to pick up the signs our cars give to show something is wrong and promptly bring them to the garage before more serious damage is done to the engine but how many times do we ignore the signs our bodies give us either through pain, stiffness, grief or depression these signs can be serious we need to promptly listen to the signs our bodies are giving us and honour our health and wellbeing by getting the necessary treatment to help prevent further problems occuring at a later stage!  It is this loving connection that ensures a health mind and body” – LISA



CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY – Stop Smoking, Gastric Band hypnosis Weight Loss, Fears, Phobia’s, Cancer, Bed Wetting, Confidence etc.  There are no limit’s to what Hypnotherapy and energy healing treatments can help people with.

PLEXUS BIO-ENERGY  4 DAY HEALTHCARE PROGRAMME – Depression,  Back Pain, Chronic pain, Pain Management, Sports Injuries, Auto Immune Disease, Fibromyalgia, Cancer etc.

IET INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY – MASTER  A beautiful gentle Angelic healing session suitable for lifting heartache, grief, anger, fear and pain associated with illness, shock, trauma, abuse and loss.

THE HEALING SESSION:  A typical 1 hour session involves a chat about the client’s emotional state and the symptoms they are currently experiencing. We follow with a deeply relaxing energy re-balancing session.  The client lies on the luxurious electric therapy bed, fully clothed and covered in a warm blanket while listening to guided meditation and healing music while the session takes place (Plexus Bio-Energy treatments along with treating sports and physical injuries usually take place standing or seated)  We finish with a brief exchange of feedback as to where the energy has been blocked and health and wellness advice is given.  All clients are assured a safe, confidential space to share their pain, worries or fear in a non-judgemental space.

Clients come from all areas of life and present with every type of health, emotional and physical issue.  A number attend treatment either on the recommendation of their doctors and consultants or as a last resort having exhausted the medical route and not wanting to remain medicated for life.  Our treatments are complimentary to medical healthcare and we encourage our clients to continue taking their medications and attending their doctor as normal.

SPORTS INJURIES:  In the case of Muscular and physical injuries Plexus Bio-Energy is VERY effective and rapid healing frequently takes place. In severe cases my clients report that they have been told to live with the pain and discomfort but this does NOT have to be the case these can be the ones who show the greatest recovery following treatment.

CHILDREN’S ISSUES:  More recently at our clinic we are treating babies, children and teens following what we believe to be the negative after effects of vaccinations which have MERCURY in them. Symptoms include amongst others extreme fatigue, low and changed moods and in more severe cases paralysis.  These are known effects of mercury poisoning.  Fortunately following several healing sessions children can return to school with renewed energy and feeling more like themselves again.  In the case of Autism, Aspergers, dyslexia etc parents and teacherS notice an immediate improvement in attention span, speech, confidence and behaviour following Bio-Energy treatments.

GOAL OF THE HEALING SESSION:  Our individualised healing treatments are geared to calm the nervous system, re-balance brain chemistry using a form of craniosacral therapy (vital with depression)  clear and re-balance the energy system (Chakra’s) along with empowering the client with knowledge as to how their thoughts and feelings affect their bodies chemistry and the overall functioning of the immune system.  By Utilizing the many healing techniques learned, Lisa will help you to Increase Vitality, Restore health, Boost Mood and send healing to areas of the body that need attention.

We also offer Health and Wellness public talks and Health Coaching sessions, Spiritual Counselling along with weekly Mindfulness Meditation classes.

IET “Helping to Release the Issues from your tissues painlessly”

Did you know that 85% of disease is caused by long-term un-managed stress

It will be my pleasure to help you to not only reduce your stress levels but to teach you how to stay in a state of peace and well-being, through meditation and effective visualisation’s which have been scientifically proven to help speed up recovery from many types of disease, all types of chronic pain and muscular injuries etc.

Treatment can take place in 1 to 4 sessions depending on the severity of your illness and the  choice of therapy.  I will locate blockages in your energy field and work on releasing these to help the body return to its blueprint for health.  At the end of treatment you will have a greater awareness of:

  • How your body works.
  • Where your energy field has held blockages.
  • How to avoid these blockages in the future.
  • Guidance on healthy dietary changes.
  • Learning how your thoughts can help or hinder your pain/illness.
  • How to use your thoughts to change the chemical processes (stress hormones) to eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety.

98% of Clients comment how much lighter and more peaceful they feel, how their thinking has changed for the better following the treatment and in most cases their sleep patterns improve greatly also. Many client’s have exhausted the medical route and are coming as a last resort and are delighted to find treatment leaves them pain free for the first time in years. Chronic depression sufferers on medication for years suddenly feel joyful and happy again along with many more examples too numerous to mention.

Clients vary greatly from those who come on Consultants suggestion to those with those with less serious ailments including all types of general sports injuries including back and disc problems.  There are also those who don’t have any health problems and just wish to experience the treatments out of curiosity, for relaxation or for illness prevention.   A common theme among the seriously ill and those with chronic and long term pain is the Stress and Depression which accompanies these illnesses.

98% of our clients say they feel lighter in themselves following treatment and far more positive and hopeful about what the future holds for them!

Testimonial “I see life in a completely different way now, everything looks so much brighter, like a veil has been lifted”

Whatever the situation your facing in life I am fully committed to doing my best to help you and promise a safe, peaceful and confidential space in which to discuss and treat these needs.

Telephone: 083 3632252  or email 3leverett@eircom.net