depression Drug Free Treatment

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depression Drug Free Treatment for symptoms which vary from person to person but may include a persistent loss of interest and/or pleasure in routine activities, feelings of hopelessness, and decreased energy. If five or more symptoms are present during the same 2-week period and represent a change from previous functioning; and if at least one of the symptoms is either (1) depressed mood or (2) loss of interest or pleasure; and if symptoms usually persist for more than an eight-week period with no signs of relief, then such distressing...

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What is a Lightworker

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.A Lightworker is here for a sacred purpose one who volunteered before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear,  Often however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the earth and all living creatures. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid. You are a light-worker if you: 1. Feel called to heal others. 2. Want to resolve...

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Our thoughts affect our Energy

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Our Thoughts affect our Energy every thought we think a negative thought it has a reaction in your body it can either energize your Chakra’s or decrease your life force energy e.g Every time you think a negative thought the following occurs: Brain: Negative thoughts cause the electricity of the brain to change. Meridian: Due to the change of the brain electricity, the meridian energy changes. Organ: The organs connected with the meridian are not properly nourished with vital energy and disease develops. Chakra: The astral energy...

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Chakra System

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There are 7 main Chakra’s or energy centres in the Chakra System of the body when viewed and felt by an Intuitive they are seen as wheels or spirals of energy, each one relating closely to the others.     In a Healing Session we focus on clearing and rebooting the lifeforce energy of the clients energy field and associated organs which are made up of  a rainbow of colours including the seven colours of the spectrum, Energy Healing aims to balance and enhance our body’s energy centres/chakras and also to help stimulate...

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My Healing Journey

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My healing journey started when I tried to access help for the unexplained and chronic pain that was occurring in different areas of my body these symptoms included neck stiffness, constant inflamation in my neck and shoulders that got worse when I was feeling stressed or anxious, I also had a constant burning sensation radiating up and down throughout the nerves surrounding my spinal column, and my physiotherapist who was also a Reikki practitioner explained to me that I had a very unusual twist along the entire left side of my body which...

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A Holistic Health Check should ideally be done on a regular basis to help treat Mind Body & Spirit and help prevent illness, pain and disease from manifesting in the body.  A Holistic Health Check is a lot different from having a physical by a healthcare provider where your pulse is taken and a thermometer is stuck inside your mouth or under your arm.  It is being present to caring for a a persons entire being. Regular Holistic care treatment involves evaluating and nurturing all aspects of our Mind Body & Spirit to help prevent...

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Improving Communication Skills!

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Improving Communication Skills!  The communication area is the throat area and the chakra colour is a brilliant blue when this area is clogged up or we do not express ourselves the area becomes under active and our words may inadvertantly be used to hurt others.   Improving Communication Skills There are several ways to clear and balance the Throat Chakra to aid more loving and effective communications.  The following are 10 exercises to help improve your communication skills. 1.  To stimulate this area wear a blue scarf on the throat,...

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Mindfulness Meditation for Health and Wellbeing

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There are extensive benefits to regular mindfulness meditation.  These include, lower blood pressure, less stress, improved mood, reduced pain, and a general improvement in outlook. Date: Wednesday 4th March Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Teas and Coffees to follow

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Relationships & Emotional Eating

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Often times relationships and the expectations that they bring can leave us feeling either empty or full we then turn to food through Emotional Eating to fill up this empty feeling that feels like a hollow in our stomach.  This happens when we’re biologically hungry but it also happens when we’re emotionally hungry. One area where many people fall short in their level of satisfaction is in their romantic lives. Read below to determine if your relationship issues could be affecting your weight. 1. They don’t provide...

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CBT in Weight Loss

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CBT in Weight Loss teaches clients techniques to help them to better manage their sabotaging thoughts, distorted thinking and unhealthy cravings around their eating patterns. CBT in Weight Loss teaches clients techniques to help them to better manage their sabotaging thoughts, distorted thinking and unhealthy cravings around their eating patterns.  Part of the Cognitive Behavioural process is to teach our clients the art of learning to ‘Talk Back’ to any self-defeating and sabotaging thoughts towards their eating habits, exercise...

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