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How does Hypnosis work with Stress?

Hypnosis has an immediate effect on current stress levels evident by reductions in blood pressure, breathing rate and hypnotherapy can go further toward long-term stress management with energy work, behavior modification and teaching effective self-hypnosis techniques.

Stress In Normal Life

It has become evident stress management and stress reduction can prevent many problems. And, prevention is far less costly, and far easier, than the alternatives.

Stress can be triggered from:

      • Public speaking
      • School tests
      • Social situations
      • Family
      • Finances etc


Sometimes the stress we feel is reasonable. Sometimes not. If the stress feels unmanageable, then some outside help may be what is needed.

Behavior modification for stress management in my Clinic, addresses the unique situations that trigger a high stress response. These responses often have much more to do with past experience than the current situation. Teaching realistic stress management tools helps deal with any remaining situational stress.

I can honestly claim my clients experience incredible levels of  stress reduction following even the 1st session. At times amazing both myself and the client.

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Disorder

Much of our stress can be attributed to our learned behaviors in reacting to stress triggers. Stress can be a sense of feeling anxiety, panic attacks (instantaneous difficulty breathing accompanied by strong chest palpitations, similar to symptoms of a heart attack), fear, nervousness and being overwhelmed.

Addressing these learned behaviors reduces the amount of stress and anxiety we experience. The remaining situational stress can then be more comfortably managed with self-hypnosis techniques.

Anxiety Symptoms

• A sense of dread• Feeling constantly ‘on edge’• Difficulty concentrating

• Difficulty communicating

• Irritability

• Easily distracted

• Dizziness

• Drowsiness and tiredness

• Pins and needles

• Irregular heartbeat (palpitations)

• Muscle aches and tension• Heart burn• Excessive sweating

• Shortness of breath

• Stomach ache

• Nausea

• Bowel or bladder problems

• Headaches

• Painful or missed periods

• Sleep problems

Stress Symptoms

• Anxiety and depression• Low self-esteem• Irritability

• Racing thoughts

• Worrying constantly

• Imagining the worst

• Anger outbursts

• Drinking or smoking more

• On the go all the time

• Changes in eating habits

• Feeling unsociable• Being forgetful or clumsy• Difficulty concentrating

• Headaches

• Muscle tension and pain

• Stomach problems

• Feeling dizzy / sweating

• Bowel or bladder problems

• Breathlessness

• Sexual problems

Panic Attacks Symptoms

• Irregular heart beat (palpitations)• Sweating• Trembling

• Hot flushes

• Chills

• Shortness of breath

• A choking sensation

• Chest pain

• Nausea

• Dizziness• Feeling faint• Numbness, or pins and needles

• Dry mouth

• Bowel or bladder problems

• Ringing in your ears

• A feeling of dread, or a fear of dying

• A churning stomach

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