Distant Healing faq’s

healing hands

In a Distant/Remote healing session Lisa following a brief consultation with the client will ask that they make themselves comfortable by lying down on a couch or bed in their home while listening to relaxing music while the healing session occurs. The distant healing session will work in exactly the same way as if the client is present in the room with Lisa who will have connected with the divine energies coming through her to work with both her and the client and to surround each in a bubble of love, light healing and protection.  The Intention will be to ask that the healing be done for the client’s highest good and highest well being.  An energetic connection is then made between client and therapist either through a picture given by the client or through Skype.

Does it matter how far away you live?

Geography is not important as the energy exchange is instantaneous by means of Biophoton or light healing exchange (quantum physics)
Divine healing, or chi (life force energy) transmission are a few of the energies exchanged.
Sessions can and do positively affect all areas of one’s being, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The long distance healing sessions:

  1. Work to correct energetic imbalances in one’s life force or bio-field.
  2. The chakras are cleared and energized to help this vital system and promote chakra balancing.
  3. The acupuncture meridians, chakras and other subtle channels are infused with light and energy to energize and transform the whole energy system.

What results can I expect?

Results vary between clients but following an angelic distant healing session most client report that they feel a great sense of peace and a weight lifted from them.  The angels continue to work with the client long after the session is completed.  Effects are similar whether a client  is sitting in the room with me or at the other side of the world.   The beauty of working with energy is that it knows no boundaries and many people have already benefited from long-distance healing(see quantum physics for full scientific explanation).

So If you or a loved one need help physically, mentally, or emotionally–email or call lisa with your healing requirements and a day and time convenient for your distant healing session can be arranged. 0833632252 email: 3dovecottage@gmail.com