Cancer Care

Cancer may be caused by many known and unknown factors. Although the exact cause of various forms of cancer is still being explored, one important factor, in combination with others, is a lack of energy or a disruption of the body’s energetic field.

Sometimes, when there is not enough energy in the body the cells do not replicate normally and become irregularly shaped. Over time they replicate incorrectly to become abnormal cells.

Many things can drain the body of energy, such as depression, pain, stress, grief, anger, radiation, chemotherapy, being bed ridden for long periods of time, etc…

The Effects Of Chemotherapy & Radiation

Chemotherapy and Radiation are much needed tools for fighting cancer. But they can damage tissues and vital organs and disrupt the energy field of the body, creating a loss of vital energy. Thus new cells that are attempting to grow can have difficultly growing into normal healthy cells.

Keeping the body full of energy reinforces normal, healthy cell replication.

 All treatments at Dove Healing Cottage are complementary to standard medical practice

Lisa has witnessed amazing improvements with clients who are undergoing Chemotherapy or recovering from cancer.   Her goal is to empower clients by not only sharing healing treatments but teaching them that knowledge is power and sharing with them the knowledge that they can aid in their own recovery through specific techniques including breathing and visualisation techniques and by sharing her knowledge of how the mind can heal the body.

It is imperitive that cancer patients release the fears surrounding their disease to aid the improvement and performance of the bodies Immune System which plays a vital part in returning a person to full health.

Lisa works with the energetic field of the body to supplying the highest levels of energetic vibrations and frequencies needed for the body to:

  • Replicate cells normally.
  • Reduce some of the adverse effects of chemotherapy.
  • Repair itself of the damage done to the tissues and organs by chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Remove the residual radiation from the energy field.
  • Dissolve the scar tissue created by radiation.
  • Be full of vital energy.

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More About Energy Healing

Energy Healing compliments traditional medical treatments, and is effective with pain management – it relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, anxiety and much more.

With cancer patients, energy sessions help to alleviate the side effects of chemo and radiation. Hospitals and care centers throughout the country combine Energy Healing such as IET and Reikki as a compliment to traditional health care .

How Many Sessions Are Needed And How Often?

Duration and frequency are directly related to the extent of the condition and the person going through it. In some cases it could be as simple as just a few sessions, or it could take months or longer. Everyone is different.

If a person is undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, healing sessions are usually done once a week until they return to a state of health.

If a person is in ICU or Critical Care sometimes daily sessions are necessary until the person stabilizes.

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