auric fieldChakra or energy vortexes (Spinning Wheels) are responsible for the transformation of energy from one level to another and are repeated throughout the body, they’re usually connected to the body’s organs.  The chakras draw life force energy from the universe and if blocked can cause illness and disease in the mind and body.  The first step towards healing or recovery is to clear and release these blockages in the energy system.  Chakras are listed in ascending order, from the bottom of the pelvis, to the top of the head.

1 The First Chakra

The First Chakra is the seat of the Physical Body. It is the Gonadic Center. The vibration of this center is red. It is the bone marrow within the bones. Bone marrow vibrates red. It is the vibration needed for cell replication and life it holds blockages if a person does not feel loved, safe or supported in life

2 The Second Chakra

The Second Chakra is the Emotional Body. It is the Lymphatic Center. The vibration of this center is orange. This is where our first emotions are processed. It is the vibration needed for building bone and can be blocked by a lack of passion and enjoyment for life and by not expressing inner creativity. The bones in your body vibrate orange.

3 The Third Chakra

The Third Chakra is the Mental Body. It is the Adrenal or Splenic Center. The vibration of this center is yellow. This is where your will, opinions and judgments form. The covering of the bone, or periosteum, vibrates yellow.  It holds blockages when we do not know our own worth and are affected by the opinions and behaviours of others.

4 The Fourth Chakra

The Fourth Chakra is the Astral Body or Heart Center. It is the Thymic Center. The vibration of this center is green. This is the level of consciousness that bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. Heartache, sadness and sorrow causes blockage in the heart chakra and can place a barrier of protection around this chakra.  All the muscles in the body vibrate green.

5 The Fifth Chakra

The Fifth Chakra is the Etheric Body or Thyroid Center. The vibration of this chakra is blue. This chakra is connected with communication and self expression and can be blocked for a number of reasons expecially when we abuse our speech or swallow back what we need to say to others.

6 The Sixth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra is the Celestial Body or “Third Eye”. It is the Pineal Center. The vibration of this center is Indigo blue/violet. It is the Celestial Body that holds our individual future and is our access to the future. It is the seat of our intuition or connection to God’s eyes.

7 The Seventh Chakra

The Seventh Chakra is the Ketheric Body or “Crown” Chakra. It is the Pituitary Center. The vibration of this center is white. The Ketheric Body is our place of emergence with God, the Oneness, the All. If the entire energy system is working normally, every pour in the body vibrates white light.

This system is redundant through out the body. Every cell in the body has seven Chakras. All the organs have seven Chakras. The seven Chakra system repeats itself in the hands, the feet, the neck, the ribs, the face, and throughout the entire body