Past Life Regression

brian weiss

“We carry traumas from the past with us into the present that filter our experience of ourselves and the world through the lenses of those past experiences”.  Dr. Brian Weiss

Major negative events from childhood can have a tremendous impact, and expectancies that result from these experiences continue to affect us in our lives.

Many problems and chronic pain symptoms originate from repressed emotions from past experiences in life. The use of regression through hypnosis can bring these feeling to the surface and eliminate these causes from our current awareness, resulting in the elimination of emotional and physical discomforts.

Hypnotic Regression can be so powerful that in many cases incredible lasting transformation takes place in a very short period of time.
“You are not here by accident or by some coincidence of nature. You are a spiritual being learning lessons of love in this earth school”.




During a session of Past Life Regression the client is interviewed in a 1.5 to 2 hr session where past history is taken and a discussion of current issues takes place. We determine if the client is suitable for past life work through the consultation. In the second session, which is typically 1.5 to 2 hours long, the client is put into a light trance state where they are still conscious of their surroundings and will remember all that takes place. I will guide the client into a past life scenario where the client will then describe his or her surroundings, feelings, and visual images, sounds, or smells. We then go into the issues at hand and explore the possibilities presented to us through this imaginal exercise. Although one session is sometimes enough to resolve certain issues, often times the client will return for several, or more, regressions.Hypnotic regression is a process in which a person in hypnosis recalls a memory or series of memories from the subconscious mind. While in hypnosis a person’s awareness is heightened and memories can become much more vivid.  It is not generally necessary to believe in Past Life Regression as benefits will be gained regardless.

Lisa has attended training in Past Life Regression in London with the world’s leading Past Life Regressionist Dr. Brian Weiss (pictured above). and the subject is of great interest to her as feedback from clients can be life changing for both therapist and client as they pinpoint why they are having certain experiences in this lifetime but especially with connection to a clients present health issue and how in many cases these present illnesses are tied in to similar experiences in past lives.  The value of Past Life Regression sessions is that great healing can take place from these sessions as a client can return to an initial sensitizing event and Lisa will use her spiritual counselling experience to work through and release and clear the presenting emotions, uncovering misconceptions that were developed and resolving any lingering if unconscious traumatic experiences.  Some of the greatest and deepest healings take place in a Past Life Regression Session.

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A past life regression session can also be booked by clients simply curious about the whole experience.

It is also possible to experience a Future life progression the knowledge of which can help us positively change our lives for the better as we become aware of the fact that our behaviours today are paving the path for our learning in our next experience!

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