Plexus Bio Energy

micheal o doherty

The aim of the Bio-Energy Therapist is to locate the energy blockages and imbalances in the body and then proceed to release these energy blockages through a series of unique hand movements which in turn enables the life energy to flow through the body. This energy through its own intelligence vibrates through to the very core of our being and unlocks the healing ability lying dormant within every cell of the body right down to the DNA.

Lisa was one of the first therapists in Ireland to be trained by both founders of Plexus Bio-Energy therapy Micheal O’ Doherty (pictured above) and Tom Griffen and following training worked in the Plexus Bio Energy Therapy Clinics gaining first hand experience of the correct practice of Bio Energy treatments.

This treatment programme is carried out four consecutive days and takes place in a private and relaxed environment using a background of specially chosen music that has been found to enhance the treatment.

As the treatment is being carried out, many patients report feelings of heat, tingling, coolness or a pulling sensation. These are simply the subjective aspects of the deep energy balancing and release that is taking place.

Around the second or third day of treatment, some patients experience this cleansing and release as if their condition was worsening. In fact, this is a good sign and is an important part of the healing process. In our experience the short-term worsening of symptoms is usually a prelude to the return to full health.

On the 4th day of the programme which is a training day the Therapist will explain much more to each patient including any immediate measures to be taken regarding diet, exercise, rest, attitude, etc. At the end of the four days, the patient will be aware of exactly what is required of them in order to regain their health, which is rightfully theirs.

Most importantly, the Plexus health-care System urges people to take back control and responsibility for their own life and health, which in turn leads to self-empowerment.

Each person will bring to this process their commitment of time and effort, which truly reflects their own desire for full health. Within the Plexus System the knowledge and understanding of preventative health maintenance is among the most advanced in the Western World.

“I had severe lower back pain, which travelled across my back and down my legs and I found walking very difficult.  After the second session my legs felt much lighter and it is now less of an effort to walk.  The pain no longer travels across my back and down my legs, I am more comfortable in myself and feel more optimistic for the future”.

– Donald (34yrs) – Care Worker  (Donald had given up his job as a care worker and all sporting activities before arriving for treatment due to inoperable disc problems his consultant told him he would have to live with the pain and severely limited mobility – after his first treatment his mobility had improved and after 4 mths of treatment he’s returned to work, the gym and golf and reports he doesn’t even have the slightest “twinge” now)

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