Self hypnosis

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Self-hypnosis is the most effective and empowering natural self help method. When you, as a client, are able to put yourself into a hypnotic trance and then go deeper and deeper into that alerted state of consciousness, where you can access a state of being extremely receptive to suggestions that positively benefit you.

Why would you need self-hypnosis?  

Self hypnosis can be useful in many situations.  Some of the benefits are:

  • You may use it as the reinforcement of the hypnotherapy session. This way you will need less sessions to achieve your goal
  • You may need to relax in a stressful situation
  • You may want to improve your focus and other study skills
  • You may use it to boost your motivation
  • You may want to increase your concentration during important work or at study
  • You can have a boost of self-confidence any time you need it
  • You can use it for self-healing
  • You can induce a good night sleep

How can you learn self-hypnosis?

Everybody is born with a talent for self-hypnosis. However, like every talent, this talent needs to be developed through repetition. The best way to learn self-hypnosis is from the hypnotic state. When you are in the hypnotic state, you are given suggestions how to do this for yourself.
At each hypnotherapy session you learn more.

Firstly you just learn to relax, then you learn to induce the deep hypnotic state just by yourself, using one word. Later you learn how to give yourself simple suggestions, and you are given instructions needed for your particular situation.

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The most important part of learning self-hypnosis is to practice as much as possible every day, for 10 to 15 minutes. It is worth the effort. You will benefit from this process throughout your entire life.

Self-hypnosis is taught as part of most hypnotherapy sessions. This is essential part of any hypnotherapy process that takes longer than two sessions.

I will always teach self-hypnosis for chronic pain treatment, insomnia, weight control, smoking cessation and stress management treatments. This way the treatment becomes more effective and more affordable, with the client potentially needing less sessions. It also provides clients with an extremely valuable tool that they are able to use independently in the future.

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