Spiritual Counselling



A Spiritual Guidance Session

At certain times in our lives we go through what is called a “Spiritual Crisis”, or a long, dark night of the soul. The symptoms of a Spiritual Crisis vary greatly depending on each person and the circumstances taking place in their lives.  These debilitating symptoms can include:                     Sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, empty feelings, sense of sadness, feeling disconnected from life, that some part of you is missing, uncontrollable crying, over-reacting, feeling no one understands you, feeling unloved or unwanted.  These Crisis can be triggered by a a death in the family, relationship break-up,  stress and the feeling of powerlessness that comes from it.

During your session Lisa will create a safe, sacred and confidential space in which she respect your own spiritual beliefs.  In this non-judgmental space she as your Spiritual Counsellor will listen to your concerns and help you move forward from this point.  Lisa has helped many hundreds of clients to find peace, happiness and a greater connection to their own spiritual essence and she will help you to do the same.  You are not alone and do not need to suffer in silence. There is hope for you.  Please refer to my Testimonials page to see how people like yourself have experienced major transformation in just a few sessions.  If you only realised how many of your loved ones and angels on the other side surround you constantly trying to get your attention, trying to let you know everything will be ok and that “This too will pass”.

Who Comes for Spiritual Counselling / Guidance?

These spiritual consultation services are provided for individuals, couples or families facing stresses from divorce, work, money, and relationship issues. Consultation services are also provided for those wishing to expand their spiritual knowledge, growth and awareness.

Spiritual Counselling Consultations  Phone/Skype      €80 Donation Approx. 1 hr duration.



Sessions are scheduled when payment has been received and we will call you to book a suitable date and time for the session.  The sessions generally last 1 hour and can cover a wide range of situations in your life.   Cancellations for paid phone/skype consultations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to be eligible for a refund or to have the appointment rescheduled.

Contact Lisa at 0833632252 Email: 3dovecottage@gmail.com to make a booking