Sports Injuries- Plexus Bio-Energy Healing

micheal o doherty

Lisa was one of the first therapists in Ireland to be trained by both founders of Plexus Bio-Energy therapy Micheal O’ Doherty (pictured above) and Tom Griffen and following training worked in the Plexus Bio-Energy Therapy Clinics gaining first hand experience of the correct practice of Bio Energy treatments.  Over the following years she has treated many major and also minor sports Injuries with many clients arriving as a last resort having spent many years attending doctors, physiotherapists and Chiropractors.  While there is a lot of information about sports injury treatments with traditional methods, complementary healing treatments are not so well known. Bio Energy healing therapy is proven to accelerate the healing process far more quickly than more traditional methods such as Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic means which focus on the injured area itself as opposed to Bio-Energy which treats the ENTIRE body’s energetic system with NO side effects. Bio energy healing is very complementary to conventional medicine and will not interfere with any ongoing prescribed treatments.

Bio Energy healing helps to deal with the recovery of any sports injury or to boost sporting performance.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or you’re simply in between training, Bio Energy healing unlocks the human bodies own extraordinary powers of regeneration.  Greatly boosting energy, stimulating the bodies own healing properties to enhance the performance levels to higher levels. Bio-Energy works from the belief that where there is any injury in any area of the body, there is a stagnation or blockage of  essential life force energy.  The stagnation of energy acts like a dam. Blood and fluids back up behind a dam, causing swelling. Bio Energy healing helps release these blockages that have built up and it restores a free and balanced flow throughout the body. It brings the body into balance and restores energy levels to a new height. This gives the body the ability to fight off any injuries and heals any damaged tissue which regenerates within a very quick timeframe.

Bio Energy healing therapy starts to heal injuries straight away and restores a normal circulation of blood as soon as possible, even if it’s just bruising or sprains. Many athletes put their bodies through a lot of stress, and some will argue that this stress throws their bodies out of alignment and can result in painful injuries. Untreated sports injuries if left untreated, can affect the entire body and create an entire system of problems within the body. This is why plenty of athletes turn to Bio Energy healing therapy in an attempt to correct any misalignments caused by sports injuries and the general wear and tear of rigorous sports.

If you have suffered any kind of  sports injury leaving you in pain. stiffness or discomfort and traditional means do not seem to provide any real relief, Bio Energy healing therapy will definitively help you. Bio Energy Healing Therapists are trained to assist the special needs of athletes with sports injuries. Unfortunately, sports and injuries go hand in hand. Athletes need regular Bio-energy treatments both to prevent injury and to help restore movement and ease following injuries.  Any physical activity whether  Running, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, horseriding etc can put the body under immense strain and Bio-Energy therapy can help you return to your peak performance far sooner that traditional means of treatment. The most common question is always asked, “How long till I can start training again? No two athletes with the same sports injuries have the same healing abilities but Bio Energy Healing helps each individual restore their body’s natural healing abilities and accelerates their recovery in a much quicker time frame than they ever would have dreamed of.


Case Study:

One young client with severe disc problems causing mobility issues came for treatment in this way, barely able to walk, having given up his job as a care worker along with all his normal lifestyle and sporting activities (gym, golf etc) and told by his doctor and consultants that with his particular disc problems surgery was too risky and could leave him paralysed following treatment. The advice he got was he would just have to live with his pain!  Following the first session he was delighted to experience increased mobility, and with each session over the following 4 months treatment he found his pain levels reducing greatly.  He is now back working as a care worker, has rejoined the gym and plays golf several times a week!  On last check up with him he commented “I dont even have the slightest twinge now”.  This client proves how the body can regenerate itself given the right conditions and by the client being ‘open’ to alternative treatment!


Conventional medicine has its limitations but the healing forces within the human body knows no such limitations!