Quit Smoking FAQ’S

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How can Hypnotherapy Help in quitting Smoking

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious part of your mind that is holding onto the habit of smoking. The unconscious mind is where your connections to smoking are and drives you to desire cigarettes when you are stressed or after a meal; whatever your triggers are.

By addressing your unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help break these connections that you have to cigarettes; disassociating you from the habit of smoking and helping remove the desire to smoke.

As part of your session, we explain exactly how it works and what to expect during the hypnotherapy. There is nothing strange about hypnosis, you feel completely relaxed and still aware of your surroundings, you don’t lose consciousness, you are completely in control.

Difference between Quitting Cigarettes vs Cutting Down

Many people who want to quit smoking will attempt to cut down on their smoking as a strategy to eventually quitting. When you cut down on smoking though, you still have the habit of smoking and you will find yourself thinking about your next cigarette even more.

All it takes is a stressful situation or a few drinks and you can find yourself back where you started very quickly. Cutting down really is the hard option.There’s only one way to stop and that’s to stop and what we do in our programme, using advanced hypnotherapy; we help people switch off the habit of smoking completely.

Taking The first Step in Quitting Smoking

No-one has ever given up smoking without thinking about for a long time beforehand. People often have  long fought battles in their heads; “I enjoy smoking, it helps me think, I need it in this stressful job, I’ve been doing it for so long”. On the other hand; “it makes me feel lousy, I want to be healthier, I want to feel better about myself” etc.

This is perfectly normal! Many of our clients still have this conflict going on in their heads on the way to their appointment with us. This is why we use hypnotherapy as part of our programme because it alters the way the subconscious mind over time has been programmed to associate smoking with all the things you personally connect it with. We tailor the hypnosis to our client’s individual habit.

The key to quitting is ‘wanting’ to quit. Becoming a non-smoker does require a desire to quit. Not ‘I should’ or I like the idea of being a non-smoker. You do have to want to. If you want to quit and you are doing it for yourself, take the step to quit with the understanding that conflict is normal and your session will help in overcoming this.

Does it help to quit with a Partner?

Sometimes people believe that in order for them to be successful in quitting, they need their partner to quit at the same time as them. We have many couples and friends come in and quit on the same day or during the same week. Often, partners aren’t ready to quit at the same time as you. You have to catch it at the right time for you. You might be determined but it’s not the right for them at this moment in time and they don’t have the same motivation.

After your session, you will feel very differently about going home to another smoker, you will not have the same temptation as you may have previously experienced. If you want to quit now, you can confidently take that step for yourself.

Getting ready To Quit

Firstly, you don’t need to cut down on your cigarettes leading up to your appointment. Some people like to, some will smoke more, it’s entirely up to you and has no impact on the programme and your success. Do you tell people you are quitting? Again it’s down to you whether you want to suprise people, you may be bursting to tell everyone!

You can get rid of your ashtrays lighters, and cigarettes before you come in, this shows good commitment. Some of our clients go home to a partner that smokes so are unable to make their environment completely smoke free, this is fine too.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment and we ask you not to don’t drink any caffeine on the way to your appointment although earllier on in the day is fine.Some people wonder whether they are ok to drive after hypnotherapy, the answer is yes, you will be alert and very capable to drive after your session.

Right time To Quit?

Are there any instances when you shouldn’t make the commitment to quit smoking yet?

Some people feel like they have to quit or that they should quit. They might be getting pressure from someone else to quit. Or they may just like the idea of being a non-smoker and want to try it out. If someone doesn’t “want” to quit then they are not motivated. Particulary in our programme, because we use hypnotherapy, we can’t make someone do something that they don’t want to do. Our clients do need to want to quit.

If anything traumatic is happening in someones life, that wouldn’t be a great time to quit either. However it’s unlikely that someone would be focusing their attention on giving up smoking during a time like this.

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