Client Testimonials


I went to Lisa after experiencing a long period of stress and anxiety and dealing with OCD.  I entered into the 4-day Plexus Bio-Energy treatment and found my sessions with Lisa very helpful in teaching me to cope in times of stress. It is a really relaxing environment and I came away each time feeling like I could cope a bit better and more positive in myself. I went on to do a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Lisa and I will definitely be back to her as I found this treatment beneficial.  Lisa is a great listener and very professional. Thank you, Lisa.  I definitely recommend” Gillian  – 11 Jul 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
I was given Lisa’s number by a family member who spoke very highly of her and her work he described her as his earth angek so I got in touch with Lisa and was given an appointment very quickly little did I know my life would change for the better Lisas warm down to earth personality and energy puts your mind and body in a better place instantly.   I was broken and beat down but with Lisa’s amazing, outstanding, brilliant work I found myself again I will be forever grateful to her for bringing me to such a better & happy place in my life everybody should have a Lisa Smith-Everett in their life.  She is my earth angel now! – Elaine 
 29 Apr 2017 – What Review verified by phone and email.

“I could not be happier with the way the therapy has worked for me” I went to Lisa depressed, stressed and very anxious. I had let things get on top of me and I was not able to enjoy life, like I had done in the past. I had lost my passion for things I enjoyed like exercise and I was going through the motions in life. I was not enjoying anything.

I contacted Lisa and from the minute I arranged my first appointment I felt that was the first step towards my recovery. I entered into the Plexus Bio-Energy 4 Day Healthcare Program with Lisa, I bought into the whole program from the first minute. I believed this was the way I was going to recover. Lisa is a great listener and has a lot of experience with clients like myself, I felt comfortable telling her my issues. I didn’t do my 4 day therapy together, I split it up due to work commitments. Two sessions on week one and the other two sessions over the next two weeks.

After the first session I felt relief and was less stressed. As each session went on I felt myself coming back to my old self and had confidence again. My stress, anxiety and depressions levels are way down and I could not be happier with the way the therapy has worked for me. I would recommended anyone feeling depressed, anxious, stressed etc to do this programme. Lisa is a true professional at her work”.    Alan

12 Jun 2017 Review verified by phone and email.                                   

“I got the all-clear about 2 weeks ago. So I am now in remission, thank God! Don’t think I would have got here without your help”  – Anita (21yrs) Student

“I came to Lisa having been diagnosed with breast cancer.   I had a great deal of fear, sadness and pain. following the 4 day treatment I now feel very positive with my life, I have energy again and my pain has reduced.  Lisa’s knowledge on positive thinking, how the mind can heal, affirmations and of course angel healing is a gift. I feel great”  – Evelyn (45yrs) Healthcare worker
“Wonderful therapist”  Absolutely delighted with the results. Lisa is a wonderful therapist, patient and understanding, and has expertise in a wide range of therapies. I honestly did not expect to experience the change in my life that I did, change that began from my first visit. The initial treatment I received was IET, which had an immediate effect. In subsequent visits I underwent hypnotherapy and can highly recommend this especially the “soul hypnotherapy session”. Review. Patrick (50yrs) Businessman
“I came to lisa suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. I was also dealing with a marriage breakup, I had no will to live anymore, no confidence or self esteem and no hope. With the Counselling & treatments lisa gave me I am now a more positive, confidant, vibrant and much happier person. I thought my life was over but lisa has given me a new and brighter out look on life, she is my angel here on earth, there is hope and a future for me now and I am forever grateful to her. I have also made a friend and somebody I can trust with my life, there is hope for anyone out there who is feeling suicidal or depressed , and that hope is here in the form of lisa”.  – Damien
“I was on medication for asthma for over 30 years and my doctor suggested I attend Lisa to see if hypnosis would help me uncover an emotional aspect to my breathing difficulties. After my second session my asthma was gone, not only that but I have been on a natural high since. My only regret is that I waited so long to seek help! I recommend the treatment highly”  – Michael (55yrs) – Farmer
“I had lower right side back pain.  I was feeling extremely stressed due to circumstances in my life.  After 2 sessions I was feeling much more relaxed and a huge improvement in pain levels.  After 4 sessions I have no pain and feel much more relaxed and positive.  I finally feel like I can avoid or challenge negative people”  – Breda 52 yrs Nurse


“Was Crippled with back pain and have had great relief after the 4 days, my sinus problems are relieved and I am feeling much more relaxed”– Mary (52yrs) Homemaker
“I had severe lower back pain, which travelled across my back and down my legs and I found walking very difficult. After the second session my legs felt much lighter and it is now less of an effort to walk. The pain no longer travels across my back and down my legs, I am more comfortable in myself and feel more optimistic for the future”     – Donald (34yrs) – Care Worker
(Donald had given up his job as a care worker and all sporting activities before arriving for treatment due to inoperable disc problems his consultant told him he would have to live with the pain and severely limited mobility – after his first treatment his mobility had improved and after 4 mths of treatment he’s returned to work, the gym and golf and reports he doesn’t even have the slightest “twinge” now)
 “I came to Lisa suffering from depression with deep thoughts of my past hanging over me which were affecting my relationship with my family and my partner.  Now after the treatment I feel a sense of relief, feel more confident and assured in myself and am better able to focus and concentrate in my day to day dealings” – Pat 42 yrs Farmer
“My problem was an increasing heat in my body which was very uncomfortable, I found the sessions very good and could feel a great reduction in my body heat after the 1st session. I found the whole experience very beneficial and am delighted to have tried it” – Sarah (42 yrs.) Clinical Nurse Specialist.
“One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with was losing my beautiful dad, he was my world but it’s only now that I realise how lucky I really am to have my own special Angel looking after me.  Thank you dad, I love you!  If you are ever in Ireland you must go & see Lisa Smith Everett, such an amazing person. Thank you Lisa you have made me believe ” – Susan
“I came to Lisa for sessions of healing which I found deeply beneficial and relaxing.  I went through deep visions and healing sensations.  I have learned a lot about myself through Lisa’s wonderful sessions.  I thank Lisa and her angels for all their loving help and guidance” – Jim 58 yrs
“I came to Lisa with unexplained urticaria which doctors could not explain after many patch tests and skin tests which proved inconclusive. I have suffered from the condition for about 15 years and could find no cure. I went for kinesology among other treatments which had no healing effect. After visiting Lisa for Bio-Energy for 4 day treatment I feel at last I have relief and am clear from Urticaria flare up of this severe rash. I also feel I have much more energy am more relaxed and more positive”  – Catherine 36 yrs homemaker
 “Completely overcome with joy during my four days and feeling very positive about my recovery from Fibromyalgia, am delighted that I can run up and down stairs/steps again. Learning how to relax” – Joan 48 yrs Holistic Therapist
“Started with a Groin injury and annoying sinus issues at beginning of the week symptoms relieved by end of the week. Found the therapy very relaxing and good for my well being. Groin pain greatly reduced. All in all a very relaxing experience. Thanks for the help Lisa it has been a great success” – John 45 yrs Sports Injury
“After just a few therapy sessions with Lisa, I can already feel great benefit. Anger towards other people and things which were outside my control were causing me frustration and a sense of failure. I now have simply let go of all the anger and I am looking for and finding the good in people whom I meet and deal with. My relationships are much better with people at home and elsewhere now”  – Tom 68 yrs Retired Businessman

Workshops & Training Courses

“Lisa is a brilliant Instructor who takes time to answer any questions” Magali
“Lisa was very Thorough and Informative, a wonderful teacher” Breda
“I had the most amazing weekend.  Thanks Lisa for being such an amazing teacher.  It is so easy to learn from you.  I’m leaving feeling happy, empowered and surrounded by Angels thanks to you.  Look forward to doing some more courses with you in the near future.  Love Edel”
“Lisa is a very generous and gifted therapist. She is very patient and encouraging. It was a pleasure to be in the learning situation with her.- Helen Psychotherapist/Supervisor
“I did the I.E.T training with Lisa, she was very informative and thorough. She went above and beyond what I expected. I now feel confident I have the necessary skills to practice I.E.T. by myself. She is a kind, gentle and wonderful person and teacher. Many, Many thanks for everything!– Breda, Counsellor, Holistic Therapist

All of the above client testimonials and more are held on file at the clinic. Due to reasons of client confidentiality and because of the sensitivity and personal nature of some of the problems, client names have been changed.