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 IET Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner training 

Healing with the energy of the Angels!

Lisa teaches the 3 levels of IET the last weekend of every month unless otherwise requested!

Day 1 / Level 1 – Basic  – Energy Exchange  €180  –  Next date for Level 1 training – Friday 9th Jan 2015

Day 2 / Level 2 – Intermediate – Energy Exchange €180 – Next date for Level 2 training – Sat 10th Jan 2015

Day 3 / Level 3 – Advanced – Energy Exchange €180 – Next date for Level 3 training – Sun 11th Jan 2015

Intensive Weekend TrainingALL 3 LEVELS AT THE REDUCED RATE OF  €480. (Group rates also available)

Refreshments of  Tea’s, Coffee’s and a light lunch are included in the weekends training.

During each level a special energy attunement is given to raise the spiritual vibration of the participant and is a powerful means of transformative self healing. Training is a full day with the exception of the Intensive Weekend training.  The Intensive weekend takes place from 4pm-8pm Friday, 10-5pm Sat and Sun.



Weekend 1:  This weekend programme is suitable for everyone interested in knowing more about Health, wellbeing and the Energy system.  Whether you are completely new to to energy healing, currently working in the healing or healthcare industry or a concerned Parents who wishes to be more educated around how to deal with their childrens health issues this weekend will be of great interest to you.  During this Intensive Weekend you will learn the basics of the human energy system, energy healing practices and other hands on health care techniques to create better health for yourself, your family or your friends.  Parents of  Children with special needs and other health or emotional conditions e.g autism,  A.D.D., A.D.H.D. exam stress, asthma, dyslexia, eczema, bereavement, family seperations, depression and fatigue can benefit hugely from this effective method of treatment.  This basic Bio-Energy weekend programme is intensive, enjoyable and hugely informative with emphasis on the practical aspects of energy healing.  At the end of the weekend you will have been introduced to the human energy system, emotional transformation techniques, basic nutrition and how to give a basic Bio-Energy treatment to both children and Adults to help improve their healthcare and general wellbeing.  Level 1 Certificate presented on completion!                       Energy Exchange  €300 (Group Rates available)


Weekend 2 – Weekend 2 BIO-ENERGY TRAINING offers the participant a deeper knowledge of the energy system and how to work with more serious health issues.  This is the only Bio-Energy training weekend in which you will be given an energy Attunement to increase the power of your own personal healing abilities. If you already work in the health-care profession as a therapist, counselor, doctor, Nurse, Sports therapist, healer etc. and would like to enhance your treatments then adding Bio-Energy therapy to your treatments will be an added gift to your practice and clients.  Level 2 Certificate presented on completion!                                                             Energy Exchange €300 (Group Rates available) Refreshments of  Tea’s, Coffee’s and a light lunch are included in the weekends training.

Note:  You must have completed Weekend 1 before progressing on to Weekend 2.




During this weekend Lisa will teach participants how to use The Healing Codes for their own personal healing as she has done for herself in times of stress and emotional upsets.  The Healing Codes are a quick, simple and powerful self-healing system and another form of energy medicine. Research has demonstrated that if our body stays in a state of physiological stress long enough, illness and disease are likely to follow, creating as much as 95% of disease and illness. Our stressful lifestyles are the reason we are getting sicker as a population.  The Healing Codes activate powerful healing centers that can allow the body to heal itself of almost anything. They do this by removing the stress from the body, thus allowing the neuro-immune system to take over its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body.  These weekends allow participants to take control of their own health and emotional wellbeing.  The codes are a swift way of transforming everything from heartache, fears, phobia’s, weight loss, serious health conditions etc.  The course is run over 2 days Sat and Sun 10-5pm unless another time or day is requested.  Refreshments of  Tea’s, Coffee’s and a light lunch are included in the weekends training.                        Energy Exchange  €    (Group Rates)


Lisa is available to travel Nationally or Internationally to give training in IET – ANGELIC HEALING, BIO-ENERGY THERAPY, INNER CHILD HEALING and  THE HEALING CODES along with talks on any area of HEALING.   Please contact Lisa on 083-3632252 for more details.

Student Testimonial!

“Lisa is a very generous and gifted therapist.  She is very patient and encouraging.  It was a pleasure to be in the learning situation with her”

Helen McCabe -Psychotherapist, Counsellor/Supervisor – attended the Bio-Energy therapy training weekend.

To enquire about booking a training course call Lisa on 0833632252 Email: